Monday, September 22, 2014

Craft and Folk Art Museum

While we were at CAFAM for the opening of the Textile Society display, there was another opening going on upstairs. To my mind, a far more interesting exhibit

Clare Graham: The Answer is Yes was the name of this exhibit and you can read a wonderful review here in the L.A.Times.

The images above are from the internet, because I think you need to see the scope of this man's studio.  He is a collector of stuff, what one review called "trash treasures", which include scrabble tiles, bottle caps, pop tops (where do you even find those these days), tin cans, dominoes and puzzle pieces to name a few. When he has several hundred thousand of what he collects, he makes it into wonderful art.

These are puzzle pieces

And a room full of furniture made from pop tops

The back of a pop top chair


But my favorites were his cabinets. Large, maybe 7 feet high curio cabinets he made, each one with a different theme, including one titled "Molars" that was filled with teeth in jars and containers, and had teeth imbedded in the outside..  I didn't take any pictures of these, it was just to crowded, but I pulled one off the internet to give you an idea

I believe this is paint by number paintings cut up and reassembled.
If you get a chance, this is really fun exhibit to see. It's up until January 4th.

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