Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Work

For some reason, I ended up working on 5 separate projects at once, all in various stages. I usually like to work on a few different pieces at the same time, but 5 just stressed me out.  I'm also a little annoyed that I've finished, or just about finished all of them, so now I need to start up with something new to keep my brain shifting around.  I'm going to spread out the postings on these because I don't post often enough, and this way I'll be good for the next few weeks at least.

These three pieces are based on my daughter's ultrasounds while pregnant with Marlee.  I have done a bit of a shift in my work in the "A View Within" series, I'm using wool felt for the batting as I have done with my other work, and I'm trying to simplify,  just trying to capture a few lines, or sometimes

sketching out what I am thinking about when I look at the images.  My daughter is a L and D nurse,

and gave herself frequent ultrasounds when she was first pregnant.  She proudly sent me the pictures, with an arrow pointing to the penis, proclaiming it a boy.  A few weeks later, at the official utz., she found out it was a girl.  I never miss an opportunity to tease her about this.


Del said...

These are lovely. Such graceful lines and clean overall impression. Keep going! Love, Del

Del said...
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Terry Grant said...

I really love the color you are using in these. A bit of a departure for you, but still very distinctly your style. They are all quite wonderful, but the last, for me, is the most wonderful!

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pieces Karen.