Wednesday, August 8, 2012

True Colors

A couple of days after the Long Beach Quilt Show, I took a class called True Colors with Carol Soderlund at Quilters Studio in Newbury Park.  Carol is one of my favorite teachers, and this class was no disappointment.

In this class we did a series of exercises to develop our own color palette. I've been dyeing for a long time, but I'm sort of all over the map with the colors I use.  I was able to narrow down my favorites, and then decide what I needed to add to those to make my art sing.

We did lots of dyeing, made a few color pages in teams,

talked a lot about hue, value and chroma or saturation,

and took lots and lots of notes.  The wonderful thing about a Carol class is the exercises you do to affirm what you've just been told in powerpoint presentations.

After every exercise there's discussion about what worked (or didn't), and why.  Some of my preconceived ideas were thrown out the window.

I learned not to throw away any used dye until I've wrung every bit of color I can out of it, and

probably the most valuable thing I learned is being able to look at a color and reproduce it just by eyeing it, which took all week.
As usual with Carol's classes, I have lots of information to process, and lots more experimenting to do.


Gerrie said...

I love the color combos in that last photo. Really luscious to me. Seems like this would be a good class for me, but doubt I will ever get to take it.

Brenda Gael Smith said...

I would love to do a workshop with Carol. So much to take in! Is there a maverick colouring there?

Judy Warner said...

Looks like a really worthy class.