Monday, June 11, 2012

Believe it or not, I have been very busy working on my own art.  I am continuing the body images series, and the image below is not titled but is of the pelvis.

It replaces this image, below, which I never liked.  Very different right!  These are all 36 x 48.

The image below is of the wrist. All of these are made using several surface design techniques, including dyeing, painting, hand and machine stitching.

In the past I have stitched these with the front and wool batting only, adding the back when I'm finished, but I was having lots of problems with my Sweet Sixteen, it was freezing up, and after multiple trips to the repair shop we realized it was because I wasn't putting a back on it and the batting fuzz was gumming things up.  To see more of  the body images, along with companion pieces by Paula Chung, please visit our blog site


Gerrie said...

The red piece is working much better. I am impressed with your tenacity.

Marianne said...

The red piece is wonderful