Sunday, October 16, 2011

New work

I'm working away steadily on the body image pieces, this is  #14 in the series.  I am surprised I'm not getting tired of this, but every image is so full of possibilities, I feel like I could go on forever.  We are fortunate to have friends send us images, it makes the work more personal.

Paula and I are putting together a blog to showcase our work, hopefully it will be up and running the next week or so.

Gerrie Congdon, one of my fellow 12's will be on Pat Sloan's radio show Monday, talking about our group.  If you click on the button, you can find out when it's available in your area.  9 of the 12's will be in Houston for IQF with all of our quilts displayed, both Theme series and Color series.  We will have our books available for sale and autographing


Jamie Fingal said...

I am so excited to see the Twelve by Twelve exhibit in Houston. Will you post on the blog a schedule of who will be in your exhibit by day?

Karen said...

Thanks Jamie,
I believe Deborah will be posting our schedule, and we are all going to try to be in the booth from 6pm to 7pm each evening.

Linda A. Miller said...

Love the striking new work, Karen! And congratulations on getting the exhibit into Houston!