Monday, June 6, 2011

Monument Valley redo

Ted and I went back to Monument Valley after being snowed out earlier this year. The weather was perfect, in the 80's, and all the rooms at the hotel look out over the valley.

I'm not much for showing travel photos, but as you probably know, I love texture and lines.

We took a jeep tour the second day for 4 hours and saw some wonderful petroglyphs. The area is governed by the Navajo nation and they leave everything as is, no preservation, but also no climbing the monuments, no off road vehicles, no private cars on a lot of the roads. They know that some day this will all be worn away, some of the monuments are starting to crumble, and the petroglyphs are fading, but they believe it's all just the cycles of nature.

I'm not usually that interested in the desert, in fact Ted dragged me to 4 Corners which was a complete waste of time in my opinion, but I really started looking at the lines nature made and they are really cool.

I have two more Twelve by Twelve pieces left to make, and I think I'll concentrate on line.

I'm thinking about Kantha stitching,

or using soy wax and my new Ukranian Easter Egg decorators to draw really fine lines. We'll see.

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