Monday, November 22, 2010


That is what I've been making the last couple of weeks.  I couldn't figure out what was going on, it seems like everything I thought was a great idea turned terrible once I started working on it.  I have a few things I need to get done by certain dates and that's adding to the stress. This morning I had an epiphany.  It's Thanksgiving this Thursday and I'm having lots of people over to dinner, and next week my daughter is due to have our first grandchild.  In the back (or front) of my mind, these dates have been hanging around and I can't concentrate on anything.

Today I decided to give in to the rest of my life, and cook.  Cooking relaxes me, and it doesn't take a lot of thinking.  I made lots and lots of manicotti, vegetarian and meat based.  I'll take some over to my daughter for when she comes home from the hospital, and the rest is for the night before Thanksgiving, when the rest of the kids will be descending.  In the background you can see some Rice Crispies, I'm making some R.C. treats next.  It's amazing to me that when I'm doing something mindless like this I can come up with some interesting ideas for my art.

Happy Thanksgiving


Gerrie said...

At least you are trying. I can't even bring myself to make drek!! Now, I am sick in bed and on antibiotics. My daughter tells me not to worry - there will be a Thanksgiving dinner.

Happy turkey day and happy new baby!

Diana Parkes said...

Walking away and making a change in pace and activity works for me too! Gardening and walking are my best therapy. All the best for Thursday and your new grandchild.

Terry said...

Oh, the baby is almost here! I did NOTHING for the month before our grandson was born. When it is your daughter you worry, you are excited, you worry. I know, I know. Cooking is good therapy. You will be back in the studio soon enough. Good thoughts to you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving and safe and joyful delivery!

Judy said...

Hello There!
I wondered how things were going in your little corner of the world! Hadn't heard from you so I assumed all was well. I'm glad your daughter is hanging on! Mine too!
Have a happy day........and a great week next week!