Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Auctions and Shows

The SAQA auction starts Sept. 20th. For more info, go to http://www.saqa.com/ and check out all the beautiful pieces available.  This is my entry below, titled Undergrowth.

Another piece I made using the same technique is titled Beneath the Bridge, and was selected to be in the Healing Arts show at the Community Memorial Hospital in Camarillo.

My art work is traveling way more than I am these days.  My recent foot surgery has left me hobbling around the house, unable to stand for very long, which is making me very cranky and in need of making art.  I'm making lots of sketches, and doing lots of hand stitching.

This weekend was my mom's 88th birthday.  That's her on the right, and the lady on the left is her sister, my aunt Betty, who's 93.  She surprised my mom for her birthday.  My mom walks a mile a day around her neighborhood, and my aunt Betty volunteers at her local senior center, helping out the old people :).  I think I come from a very good gene pool.


Gerrie said...

I covet your piece for SAQA. I hope it goes in the first round, but for my sake, it would be nice to have it reach a price I could afford.

I didn't know you had foot surgery. Hope you will be able to get back to standing work, soon.

Françoise said...

Your mom and aunt look in great shape! Wonderful.
Hope your foot gets better soon.
And I almost forgot to tell you that I like your quilts, of course!

Jayne said...

Hi Karen,
I didn't know that your Healing piece was at CMH in Camarillo (!) I'm going to go see it today! Your mom really looks healthy and happy sitting with your aunt. Im sure that was a great day with them both.

Karoda said...

You most certainly do come from a great gene pool...your mama and auntie look fabulous :)