Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another tool to be learned

Yesterday my friend Carolyn invited me to observe her printmaking class at CLU (California Lutheran Univ.). Her teacher, Kristi Colell is running a casual summer workshop on clay monoprints, and instead of observing, I was invited to jump right in.  Rather than go into detail explaining the process, you can look at this artists work here

I made the frame, filled it with clay, painted on the china clay slip, and was off and running.  The print above was made on something called raymee, which feels like a medium non woven interfacing.

This print was made using thin cotton fabric backed with freezer paper.  This was a second pull so it's not as dark, and the fabric separated from the paper, causing wrinkles.  The original clay frame can be reused for years, as long as you keep it moist.  I'm going back Monday to play some more.


Gerrie said...

Well, I need more information. Take some photos in the class?

Diana Parkes said...

Yes, please, more information. Like the look of what you have done.

Jayne said...

I love the ancient quality of the print texture. Looks like an interesting avenue for you to pursue and I can't wait to see more