Saturday, June 5, 2010

Things I hopefully won't be eating

We walked around the local market in Juengju today, and saw plenty of things we don't want to eat.  Above is octopus. We were told by our guide in Seoul that a delicacy here is live octopus chopped up and eaten while still moving.  I would have to drink a lot of beer to try that.

I think this is some sort of seaweed, heavily salted, which I might eat in a soup.

Here is more fish, above and below, the ones below with flies on them.  Yum

And this is one of the markets here in town.  Lots of shoes, bedding and purses sold in this one.

When we mentioned we were going to Jyungju, no one we knew had traveled here, even though they have several world heritage sights. We discovered today that very few people speak English here, including the staff at the Hilton.  Tomorrow we plan on visiting a few of the sights, but it should be a real adventure figuring out how to get there.


Gerrie said...

What an adventure you are having!

Marilyn said...

What an adventure! Those shops remind me of the Asian market near my house. I only buy things in cans.

Diana Parkes said...

I have eaten octopus, just one piece, in Spain. No more... nuf said!

Terry said...

Adventures in eating! Don't think there is enough beer in the world for me to try still wiggling octopus, but I'd try it cooked.

I am loving your pictures and stories. Glad you weren't sick for too long. What a drag that is when you are on vacation.