Thursday, June 10, 2010

Japanese Baseball

We took the train and subway to Kobe yesterday afternoon to see a baseball game between the Youmeri Giants and the Orix Buffalos.  We got there two hours early and the place was jamed with people already.  Our tickets were right behind home plate.

See the guy on the right with the big head?  I sat behind him.

Sam wanted to keep score, so they went into the press box to get him a score sheet.  Of course it was all in Japanese, but baseball is baseball.

Beer guy.  Draft beer right at your seat.

The stadium was split right in half with all the Giants fans on one side and the Buffalos on the other.  We were sitting with the Giants fans, but rooting for the Buffalos.  We were homers.

The Laker girls...  Home teams have their own cheer leaders, and there were competing bands in the bleachers.

Thunder sticks were everywhere, although the Japanese fans as always were repectful.

It was a great night, and again we got home about midnight.  I have much more to say, more pictures to show, but for now we must run to today's events.  We really have a light day tomorrow, then to Hiroshima.  So I will catch up on the blog in the morning.

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