Monday, April 12, 2010


I have challenged myself to work a little larger, and to try to split an image by doing a triptych.   I purchased some 12"x 36" canvases and set about designing something which would work together and separate, not an easy task. My first design below, has the movement I wanted to show, but doesn't do much for me in the two outside panels. 

 I liked the design, so I started stretching it, and adding more interest to the side panels. I liked it enough to start stitching on it, so I stitched around the boxes on the purple fabric on the right, then added some more boxes, and stamping them with black paint.  I think I will continue this idea into the center panel.

What I'm showing you right now is larger than the finished product, as I wanted to include the side edges in the design, and the canvases have 1 1/2" edges.  It may not work, as the straight lines "line up" right now, and that will change when the piece is wrapped around the canvas, so I'm not sure if your eye will follow it, but it's all a grand experiment, if I can't figure it out, I can always cut it up and make it a little more abstract, right?


Gerrie said...

I like this. I am planning on doing a triptych for an upcoming show and your comment about the outside panels has made me rethink!!

Jamie Fingal said...

I really like that sheer that goes through the first image. It adds interest and dimension to your piece. Also the red is very powerful. Can't wait to see more.

Karoda said...

Karen, do you think you'll loose some of the flow with the red motif when it is wrapped around the canvas? If so, how about painting the canvas and adhering the pieces on to the front of the canvas only??