Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Construction continued

The guys working on my house are so clean and tidy, I have to really look for messy photos to take. I don't think they understand this artists need for disorder(at least until the photo is taken.

When they leveled the back of the house yesterday, I was left with some cracks in the grout in my bathroom and splits in the drywall, but hopefully the shower pan is intact, we won't know that for a few days. 

Tomorrow they are lifting a 30 foot long beam over the house with a crane, which I think will be the most fun part of the whole addition!.  Lots of photo ops happening.

This is some of the fabric I dug up to play with.  The three background pieces are something I made in a Claire Benn, Leslie Morgan class last year and never thought I'd use. Glad I kept it.


Fran├žoise said...

Mmm... yummy fabrics!
Looking forward to seeing the photos of the beam over the house..

Gerrie said...

Love those. I just did an archeological dig through my art cloth bin and found some usable stuff, too.

Karoda said...

Karen, are you returning this year to either week with Claire and Leslie?