Friday, December 18, 2009

Key West fun and sun

My husband and I are in Florida this week for a wedding and decided to take an overnight trip to Key West to check it out.  Not the sun shiny place we had hoped it would be. It was pouring rain all the way down there but did stop long enough for us to walk around
But back in Maimi, we went to a wonderful museum called the Wolfsonian which had a display of linocuts and woodcuts from the 1920's titled Rhythms of Modern Life: British Prints 1914-1930. It was so great we ended up spending all afternoon looking at these.

My other favorite place was the everglades which we drove thru and took a boat tour of..

The everglades were nothing like I expected, I was thinking it would be more jungely,but there were huge areas of marshy, grassy palins that were just stunning, and of course the occasional crocodile to liven things up


Diana Parkes said...

We had a 1920's lino and wood cut exhibition in our national museum Te Papa (Our Place) earlier this year. I went to a talk on them and it was fascinating.

Rayna said...

Sounds like a gorgeous exhibit - glad you got to see it. As for the are braver than I.

Loris Bogue said...

Did you smile at the crocodile?

Jayne said...

your photo of the everglades (sans croc) reminds me of your art work