Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ohio - 2

This is a picture from the Crow Barn in all it's fall glory. And these impliments are what we encountered when we walked into the wet room. Lots of clamps, pieces of wood, chip bag closers,rubberbands, and jar lids. You get the idea.

Jan is showing us the pole wrap with a twist. Of course, when we tried to do it, all thelittle edges poked out.

Below is a string wrap around a pole. Tomorrow you will see the results of our hard work.

And some more color from the Crow Barn.


Judy said...

well you are a lucky duck to have been able to post pictures....Blogger was most uncooperative once I got to posting: no pics for me! Love what you've posted Karen.


Gerrie said...

I am jealous. If I wasn't preparing to teach a workshop on Saturday, I would start wrapping and underpainting and so on.