Friday, September 4, 2009

Toned Down

These are the results from my dyeing day. As you can see, the red/orange is really toned down, I think I either had to large a ratio of print paste to dye, or my mixed dyes are getting old. When I was applying it I thought it might be too bright and that I might want to go back in and remove some color,

but now I'm reevaluating it. This piece below was made with grey on the right side, which is very pale. I threw some thread down on it, just playing around.

This last piece was done on a cotton/silk blend with the silk side showing. I have since gone back in with a screen print, and then I'm thinking about doing a lot of handstitching near the center.

Right now they are all being studied on my design wall. Sometimes this is my favorite part, the anticipation of what I can do with these.


Diana Parkes said...

Good luck with your musings Karen. I look forward to seeing the results in due course.

Karoda said...

These pieces are ripe for working with...they make me want to get stitching just by looking at them here.