Friday, March 20, 2009

Back from vacation

We are back from 12 days in Panama/ Costa Rica and reenergized for our artwork. In preperation for the current twelve by 12 theme of windows, I took a few photos in Panama City. One part of the city is being restored to its original 19th century beauty, and it reminded me of New Orleans, with a definite french influence.

The government is giving the residents subsidies to improve the area and as you can se, this will take a lot of work. all the empty buildings had trees and shrubs growing out of them, probably because of the humid environment.

We did a lot of relaxing too. This was on island south of Panama city where we saw several yachts

These last two are views from the house we rented in Domenical, Costa Rica.

It's great to be back in my studio, with lots of inspiration for the next few projects.


Gerrie said...

i wondered where you were!! Love, love the window photos!

Karoda said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing future work influenced by your vacation :)