Monday, February 9, 2009

Pain piece 2

I think I've finished the second in my series on pain. I haven't named it yet, I'm still thinking about it. The first one was "Silent Cry" but this one seems more like a howl to me.
This is the back, using a facing finish which worked out really well.

And here's a closeup of some handstitching on the front.

As I think about trying a third piece, my thoughts are turning more personal about pain. In the first two, I tried to show pain from the perspective of a premature infant, unable to use words or even sound to express itself, but lately I've been thinking about my dad, who's death I witnessed, and who did not die easily. I'm starting to wonder if maybe my underlying ideas for the first two pieces were really about him instead, and I had to reference it to myself in anonomity. I need to go back to journaling to dig into this.

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Gerrie said...

I really like the uneven edges and the finishing on this. I was thinking about what colors I would use for pain. I think it might be a little different from yours. Thanks for making me think.