Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Been Punked!

My friend and teacher Jeanne Raffer Beck, has chosen me to receive a Kreativ Blogger Award.
Jeanne is a wonderful fiber artist who is so generous with sharing her knowledge with others, and her writing is very though provocing. According to the directions she gave me, I need to:
1. Winner may put the logo on her site (see above)
2. Put a link to the person who nominated you (see above also)
3. Nominate 5 blogs (see below)
4. Put links to blogs (see below again)
5. Leave a message for your nominees (also below)
I read a lot of blogs, particularly when I'm stuck in my creative process and I need to be distracted. There are about 10 of them that I try to read every day, including Jeanne's and Rayna's, who is the person that nominated Jeanne.
http://pamprice.blogspot.com/ Pam is a good buddy of mine who never fails to inspire me. She makes fiber art, and she makes glass art, and is managing to combine the two with amazing results. As an added bonus, she tells us how she goes about her creative process.
http://elizabethbarton.blogspot.com/ I took a class from Elizabeth at Art Quilt Claremont several years ago, and I learned so much about art, not just fiber art, and I have carried that knowledge with me all these years later. Elizabeth, like Jeanne, writes some wonderful thought provoking essays, that stay with me throught my day, just making me think about things in a different way.
http://goingtopieces.blogspot.com/ Diane is my friend that I met in a Carol Soderlund dyeing class up in Santa Rosa CA. Diane's blog is like a breath of fresh air, she always has something interesting to say, some great book to read, or even some common frustration we all have but can't express. Diane very generously invited me to join
http://www.twelveby12.blogspot.com/ We are a group of 12 fiber artists from all over the world who make pieces 12 " square, every other month following a theme we take turns suggesting. I have made so many new friends thru this group, and if you look at this site, we are all so different in our way of looking at things.
http://karoda.typepad.com/ Karen is a new friend, we met in the Benn/Morgan class at the Crow Barn earlier this year and she has been very helpful critiquing my pieces. She has a wonderful site, and is currently exploring her own poetry in her fiber art.
So there you have it. Thanks again to Jeanne for nominating me, and for all my readers for supporting me.
I have finished my first piece on neonatal pain, but will post it seperately, maybe later today. I have to think of an appropriate name for it, as neonatal pain isn't doing anything for me

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