Friday, November 21, 2008

Work In Progress

I've been steadily working on this pain piece, and I think I've made some improvements on it. First of all, I've turned it around, as I think the large red "stripe" looks better coming in from the left. I went backin with some black fabric paint and made some marks with a brush and a credit card which tones down the white, but I can see from looking at the photo, that I need to work on the yellow/orange because it really stands out. This was supposed to be a transition color, the "nurse" if you will between pain and comfort, but instead it's becoming a focal point. I think trying to make a piece that demonstrates pain, intervention, then comfort is probably trying to say too much in one piece of art. The next piece in this series is already put together, with more green in it, but I may revise that, and just work on one emotion at a time. I'm going to keep adding more black to this piece, and I'm starting to think about the stitching I want to do.
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