Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ted and I went to the L.A. Co. Museum of Art on Saturday to check out the new contemporary wing. We spent a wonderful day wandering around the whole museum. The picture below is of the Metro station near the museum. They put tumbling blocks to good use.

Next door to the museum are the La Brea Tar Pits and they were bubbling away with their oily brewThis is the fence surrounding the tar pits and I liked the design combined with the water moving in the background

These lamposts are from different areas and times in Los Angeles. Ted grew up in Los Angeles and as we were walking thru he was able to name all the neighborhoods they came from

The new contemporary art wing is fabulous with some really thought provoking exhibits. My favorite is the photography by Cindy Sherman She attacks female stereotypes with a vengance
We were both laughing at a woman who brought her son (around 10) to the exhibits but kept yanking him out of rooms when she spotted any female nudity. We wondered if she did this with contemporary work only, or if he wasn't allowed to see any nudity.

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Linda Branch Dunn said...

Wonderful pictures - hard to tell "art" from real life (those lamps!). I like the view through the fence best.

My folks lived in T.O. for ten years while I was in college (shortly after dinosaurs went extinct). I got to see it just before it went all to Gated Communities. Sometimes one still saw kids riding their donkey to the strip mall. It was a very interesting place, for someone raised near Philadelphia!