Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Work It Out

My 19 year old son had a few people over last night, and this morning when I went to the store I realized I had no cash and was missing my AMEX card. When I told him, he said one of the girls that was over was a "friend of a friend" and really cute. Unfortunetly, she was also a thief. I was thrashing around the house looking for something to bash, when I decided to take it out on a piece of fiber I had been haphazzardly working on. I threw myself into this piece, sewing, cuting, burning and then hand stitching. In half an hour I was done. The flash on the camera seems to take away some of the detail, but I think I worked out my frustration quite well


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got your frustrations out in a good to getting back that credit card or stopping all the possible action. Not a good feeling, especially when it was taken right in your own home.
Louise Schiele

Karen said...

As a followup, I canceled the credit card and debit card. On Friday my local Trader Joes called and said a girl had turned in my cards, saying she found them in the parking lot. They described the girl to my husband and it seems to be the same girl who took them in the first place. My son had confronted her at the gym and she denied everything, so I think she was trying to show I had lost them.