Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Yesterday I finally got around to screenprinting ala Kerr Grabowski. I've watched her video 3 times and taken 4 pages of notes so I was ready to try.

In the above piece I painted the screen with olive green and black dye, let it dry, then went back and added some turquoise marks. I know I should not have any white left on the fabric, but this piece seems kind of decayed looking, like some of the Jeanne Beck pieces.

These 2 pieces were also made by painting the surface, letting it dry, then going back and screening, first with clear print paste, then adding color to the last few attempts. They look so totally different, not like they are from the same screen at all.

This piece was screened with clear print paste over objects to get markings, then when it dried I added some black marks. I printed with red/orange/yellow dye.

This last piece was not screen printed. I had intended to print it but ran out of screens. In a previous life I had pleated a piece of white fabric and stuck the bottom of the pleats in dye, trying to make stripes. I was successful, but it was boring, so yesterday I stuck the piece in a cup and did accidental dyeing like Ann Johnson. It's usable now in something I may make. This process is really fun and I could wpend days doing it, in fact I hope to if we can get Kerr out her to Southern CA.

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stephany38 said...

I enjoyed your blog. If you manage to get Kerr out here, I would be interested in attending.